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Behind the scenes at Pinoli Pine Nuts

Our first field day at Pinoli Premium Pine Nuts in the Wairau Valley was a great success. More than 100 people came and found out about these fantastic trees that cope with drought, don’t need irrigation, control erosion, sequester carbon and produce delicious nuts. There was snow on the hills but braziers fuelled by the pine bracts kept us warm. Congratulations to the Pinoli team, winners of the Business Innovation Award, sponsored by Cuddon. Here’s what some of the guests said:

Susan Foster, Marlborough Research Centre: I wanted to congratulate you and your team for organising a wonderful field trip to Pinoli Premium Pine Nuts.  The event was inspirational and really highlighted the value of the award and the work being done by the team at Pinoli. Looking forward to future field days later in the year.

Nova Mercier, Senior Regional Advisor, Ministry for Primary Industries: Many thanks for a brilliant Field Day at Pinoli. I learned a huge amount in a short time. 

Morag and Kevin Dobbs: We have just attended the Pinoli field day and had an excellent time there. Please notify us about the other field days. 

Clr Barbara Faulls: Such an interesting tour. Congratulations to all the team at Pinoli.


Pinoli Premium Pine Nuts: Thanks for helping us make it such an amazing day. A very rewarding experience sharing our story with such a great bunch of interested locals!

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