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Business Innovation & Supreme Winner 2023

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Supreme Winner sponsored by
Marlborough Research Centre + Plant & Food Research


Trail-blazing technology to test for disease and environmental issues out in the field has won the Supreme Award at the 2023 Cawthron Marlborough Environment Awards.  Blenheim company DNAiTECH  has developed DNA sampling and analysis that gives on-the-spot results for a quick response and action, rather than waiting for samples to be sent to a lab for analysis.

The software and equipment is easy to use and has a wide range of applications in testing for harmful pathogens in water, soil, plants, insects and humans. There is also an educational element to the business, which aims to introduce students to applying science to real-life situations.

The judges were impressed by the innovation and wide range of environmental applications, the ease of use,
and DNAiTECH’s commitment to engaging young people in science.

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