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Behind the scenes at Kaituna Sawmill

The team at Kaituna Sawmill put on an inspiring field day. While numbers were restricted because of the hazards of touring a working sawmill, the day attracted a wide range people from different industries, environmental groups and general public wanting to find out more about OneFortyOne’s efforts to reduce their carbon emissions, reduce waste and provide wood-based biofuel for customers. Congratulations to the Kaituna Sawmill team, winners of the Forestry Award, sponsored by the Marlborough Forest Industry Association. Here’s what some of the guests said:

James Shaw, Minister for Climate Change:  “If we could transfer Kaituna’s leadership to other industries we would be a long way down the path of reducing emissions. We know where we want to be and where we are now but we can’t quite figure out how to get between the two. Kaituna Sawmill and the team show us a pathway.”


John Leggett, Marlborough Mayor: “What a great team at the Sawmill – they’re proud of where they work and what they’re doing for the environment.”


Josh Barclay, Sustainability Manager, Whitehaven Wines: “I didn’t expect the scale and technology of the sawmill operation. It demonstrates the process of continual improvement really well.”​


Pete Coldwell, General Manager, Marlborough Chamber of Commerce: “That was a great session, really appreciated the opportunity to be there.”

Tim Newsham, Marlborough Environment Centre: “I enjoyed the good mix of people from different industries wanting to find out more about how to reduce their carbon footprint. These awards do a great job of telling the stories we don’t normally hear.”


Ket Bradshaw, Environment Awards judge: “Keep sharing your stories with neighbours and the public - it’s an important part of your social licence to operate.”

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