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Here are some of the questions often asked by entrants in the Environment Awards.

Our Awards Co-ordinator Bev Doole is happy to answer any other queries.

Ph 021 069 7836 

  • What are the Cawthron Marlborough Environment Awards?                                  The Awards are held every two years to encourage and recognise businesses and community projects that protect and enhance the Marlborough environment. They are run by a Charitable Trust, with the support of Marlborough District Council, Cawthron Institute and local sponsors.

  • Who can enter?
    Any business, community group or individual carrying out a project in Marlborough.

  • What are the award categories?                                                                                                                      There are seven categories: Farming, Forestry, Wine Industry, Marine, Landscape and Habitat Enhancement, Community Innovation and Business Innovation. The winner of each category is then put forward for the Supreme Award.

  • How much time does it take to enter?                                                               
    That’s up to you – we have had entries ranging from a few lines to a few pages. There are three key questions to answer as part of the online entry form but we’ve kept it pretty simple. The judges do most of the work when they come and visit.

  • What are the judges looking for? 
    We’re looking for examples of innovation and good environmental practice that can be shared with others. Depending on your entry, they’ll be curious about: 
    o    Innovative practices and problem solving  
    o    Efficient use of water, energy and labour 
    o    Impacts on soil, water and air and how they are dealt with 
    o    Waste management and disposal 
    o    Weed, pest and disease management 
    o    Landscape and conservation values                                                                         
    o    Awareness and protection of biodiversity

  • What are the benefits of entering?                                                                                 
    o    It's a chance to take stock, see what you've achieved and get advice on what more you could do  
    o    The judge's independent report is a free assessment, highlighting positives and suggesting improvements 
    o    You get complimentary tickets to the Awards Dinner where you can share your experience and get ideas from other entrants
    o    Winners receive prizes worth $1000-$3000 and free publicity  
    o    The Awards Dinner and Field Days are great networking opportunities


  • If I win an Award what does the Field Day involve?                                         
    The field day is the public’s chance to see what impressed the judges and get inspired. It usually takes two to three hours and is hosted by the category winner. There may be a guest speaker and there’s always plenty of time for questions and discussion. The organising is done by the Awards coordinator in collaboration with the winner.​


  • I'm not ready yet, can I enter next time?                                                           
    We often hear potential entrants say they want everything perfect before they enter. However our winning projects are never perfect – they’re all a work in progress. What they’ve achieved so far is worth sharing and they get guidance and inspiration from the Awards to do more.   

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