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Murray and Tanya Frost (Mount Oliver) with Philip Neal (centre, Federated Farmers)

Winner: Farming Award
Sponsored by Federated Farmers

Murray and Tanya Frost had a big job ahead of them when they bought Mt Oliver eight years ago. The 200 ha dairy farm had minimal fencing, pastures dominated by browntop and weeds, a leaking effluent pond and cows drinking from streams.

It fell well short of Council and Fonterra environmental standards, however, the Frosts’ determination and hard work have turned the farm around.


Working with Council, they developed a Farm Environment Plan. They’ve fenced off multiple streams on the property and installed water troughs.


A new effluent pond gives up to 75 days storage, with liquid and solids spread back to develop the paddocks. Soil fertility is improving through regular soil testing and targeted use of fertilizer as well as lime made from local mussel shells.

The judges were impressed that rather than resisting compliance standards, the Frosts have embraced them. They are now exceeding what is required, while successfully building up herd numbers and production.


Read judges' report

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